Here is a list of my most recent presentations


November 2017

Conference on ‘Protecting Human and Equality Rights from Brexit’ (Belfast, UK)

Keynote Speech: ‘A Special Designated Status for Northern Ireland’

September 2017

Conference on ‘“Brexit” 15 months on – Socio-legal Perspectives for the EU and Europe’ (Queen's University Belfast, UK)

Paper Presentation: ‘The “De-Europeanisation” of Border Conflicts: The Brexit Effect on the UK Territorial Borders’

June 2017

International Political Studies Association Colloquium on ‘Democratisation and Constitutional Design in Divided Societies’ (Nicosia, Cyprus)

Paper Presentation: ‘Mapping Out the Notion of Shared Sovereignty in Post-Conflict Constitutional Arrangements.’

June 2017

Conference on ‘Reflections on the Union as a Global Actor’ (EUI, Florence, Italy)

Paper Presentation: ‘The EU and Undefined Territories’

January 2017

Conference on ‘The Right to Decide’ (European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium)

Keynote Speech: ‘The Right to Decide and EU law’

July 2016

Symposium on Constitutionalism under Extreme Conditions (Haifa, Israel)

Paper Presentation: 'The Paradox of Territorial Autonomy: How Subnational Representation Leads to Secessionist Preferences'

May 2016

Symposium on Quasi-Constitutionality and Constitutional Statutes (Wellington, New Zealand

Paper Presentation: 'Reflecting and Building Asymmetries: The Role of (Sub-) Constitutional Statutes in Spain and the UK'

November 2014

Annual Conference of the Peace Research Institute Oslo on ‘Conflict in Europe, Europe in Conflict’ (Nicosia, Cyprus)

Paper presentation: ‘Tracing the position of EU law on intra-State conflicts in Europe’

 Workshop on ‘Constitutional Change through Euro-Crisis Law’ (EUI, Florence)

Paper presentation: ‘The State-Regions dimensions of Euro-Crisis Law’

October 2014

World Congress of the International Association of Constitutional Law (Oslo, Norway)

Paper Presentation: ‘Time to say Goodbye: Seceding from an EU Member State’

June 2014

RELEX Working Group, Department of Law, EUI (Florence, Italy)

Guest Lecture: ‘What's in a Member State? The EU law's position on the constitutional architecture of Member States’

December 2013

20th International Conference of Europeanists organized by the Council of European Studies (CES, Columbia University)

Paper presentation: ‘Promoting regionalism in the neighbourhood? The case of ENP’.

June 2013

Workshop organised by the Centre for Federal Studies (University of Kent, UK) on ‘Small Worlds: Political Territoriality in the Role, Character and Significance of Constituent Units in Federations and Federal Political Systems in Europe’

Paper presentation: ‘Revisiting the autonomy of federal and regionalised EU Member States with regard to their institutional design’.

April 2013

2012 EU Democracy Observatory (EUDO) Dissemination conference (European University Institute, Florence, Italy) on 'The Euro Crisis and the State of European Democracy'

Paper presentation: 'On Sovereign Debt Crisis and Sovereignty: a constitutional law view'

November 2012

13th Mediterranean Research Meeting (Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, EUI, Florence).

Paper presentation:  ‘Accommodating ethno-linguistic conflicts in Southern Europe: A Comparative approach’ (with Elias Dinas)

March 2012

Visiting Scholar at the EU Centre of Excellence of York University (Toronto, Canada)

Guest Lecture (1): ‘Federalism: The EU’s uncommon principle'

Guest Lecture (2): ‘Accommodating the Cyprus issue in the European Union’s political and legal order’

Guest Lecture (3): ‘On Sovereign Debt Crisis and Sovereignty: A Constitutional law perspective’

March 2012